Reading Pledge 2020


     Last year was, well, a bust. I managed to read only 69 books even though I wasn’t working most of the time because of my pregnancy. You would think that with all that free time I’ll sit on my ass and get some more reading done. Yeah… no. 

      This year will be tricky. I have a baby at home (four-months-old as I write this) and most of my time is dedicated to feeding it, changing it, and playing the one-woman-show. But after the little monster falls asleep (9 pm usually) I am free to do as I please. And I rarely have the energy for anything different than lying down and reading. So there is hope!

     I set up a challenge in Goodreads, if you have an account there you know what I’m talking about, vowing to read 100 books this year. This is the third time I do this and so far I have not won it so let’s hope three is indeed the charm.

     I plan to focus a bit more on the fantasy and romance genres this year (+ books about writing) because I am trying to finish one of my series and I need inspiration and some help when it comes to writing romantic scenes.

        I’ll be doing the same as last year – adding books to the list as I finish them. Here is my list:

Currently Reading:

Currently Reading:

Tower Lord
tagged: fantasy-to-read and currently-reading
Previously Read:

Last Read:

Blood Song
really liked it
tagged: fantasy-done
Reading Progress
Books read 21%

     So this is my plan for 2020. Let’s see if I will finally be able to do it.

    How about you? Do you make reading plans or are you going with whatever catches your eye? 

     Please share your MUST READs – I’m always on the look out for awesome books.

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