Reading Pledge 2019

   Last year I’ve made a similar post with a very long and compulsive list of books I felt I should read – all those I had at home gathering dust and calling to be read. Unfortunately, life got the better of me and I got carried away with planning a wedding, honeymoon, trips, and generally working so I got nowhere near where I wanted to be. 

  I read 13 books (out of 121, good god) and then 30 more that were not part of that list. So it is safe to say I didn’t do all too well. But no matter, I’m turning a new leaf this year and trying to set more realistic expectations. 

  Being pregnant and on sick leave until labor I gather I will have plenty of free time so the only thing missing is the will to stick to reading for most of that time. And I’ve decided I won’t be making a pre-selected list but rather updating this post with what I pick up along the way. I’ve committed to reading 100 books this year at Goodreads so this is my target so far.

My Progress
Complete 69%

   So here is my reading plan for the year. A little bit more fluid but hopefully that will keep me inspired and eager to read. How about you? Do you make reading plans or are you going with whatever catches your eye? 

  Please share your MUST READs – I’m always on the look out for new awesome books.

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