Reading Pledge 2018

    Any one of us has three different reading lists made. The first – of the books we want to read (the longest one) but never get to read; second – the books we are supposed to read to look like we are some sophisticated readers meaning mostly the classics like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, etc.; and third – the books we have at home, piled, dusty and neglected. 

    I decided to ‘get my house in order’ and by that I mean to finally sit on my ass and read the books I have at home. The fact that my husband refuses to buy me more books until I read those adds just extra motivation. 

   So it seems I’ll be having quite the busy 2018 and decided to make a list to share here with all the books I currently have at home and plan to read. I will be updating this article every once in a while when I finish a book until it is all ticked. For each book I read I will be adding a link to its review which you are more than welcome to read if you want. 🙂

    Hopefully by the time I finish them we would have bought our own apartment and we’ll have enough space to put more than one library as I don’t plan to stop buying books.

   Here is the list:

My Progress
Books Read 18%

    Damn, I hadn’t realized how many Agatha Christie books I had until now 😀 Anyway, this is my crazy list and I will do everything physically possible to finish it. I just might, considering how stubborn I am (those who know me can testify 😀 Learning Greek out of stubbornness is a new level of crazy).

  So how about you? What do you plan to read for the next year and do you have a list like this one (or any of the three types I mentioned above)? Feel free to share any ideas for cool books or add your lists in the comments. I accept opinions for the books in my list, especially if you have read them, so I can rank them easier 😀 

P.S. – As I was reminded a few times, I tend to disregard the list and also read books that are not in it. So I am adding this new section with all the extra books I’ve read that I don’t have a copy of at home but I read anyway:

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