Love in Time of… Quarantine

      For those of you who live under a rock, deep down in a cozy cave, under miles and miles of seawater, too high in the clouds where cable and wi-fi suck, you should know that we are in quarantine. Most of the world is staying home and avoiding people, which, if I have to be honest, is what I usually do anyway.

     And as for you, fans of sci-fi and horror, it’s all your fault. You probably believed in your favorite book too much or wanted to experience first-hand what it means to survive against zombies, viruses, and deadly pathogens. Now you are at the beginning of Level 1 – I hope you are happy!

    For us writers, this should be the perfect time to catch on our writing, eh? Nowhere to go, nothing to do, some don’t even work (not me, I am a mom, I am on duty 24/7). Or even if you’re not a writer, your hobbies beg to be acknowledged – reading, gaming, watching movies, doing puzzles, painting, knitting, and so on…

   So embrace it. Turn the stupid news off and pretend for a second that our screwed-up world is gone. This too won’t last forever, sooner or later they’ll find a way to beat this virus and life will go back to normal (Shut up sci-fi/horror fans, I know that’s what everybody in the books/movies says before they get infected or brutally murdered!).

    So enjoy the silence, the calm, enjoy the rest while it lasts. Read that book you kept putting off for years, watch that movie with a box of tissues and nobody to judge you, learn a new language, or start writing poetry like you always wanted. Idle hands make for idle minds and idle minds are usually prone to feel down, depressed, scared, stupid and that is no fun for sure.

   My plan for the quarantine is simple but challenging. So far I was trying to catch up on studying (for those of you who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – you guys are superhumans, I swear) but it’s time for something different. 

     As the title of this post suggest it is connected to… love. Yeah, that’s right.

   For those of you who know me or my writing, you know that I don’t do typical romance. I can’t stand predictability or oversweet and adorable love confessions. I always look for a twist, for realism, for hardships, for passion. I’ve decided to challenge myself though 😀 

    April for me will be the month of L O V E. I’m setting a goal to read as many romance books as possible. Maybe that will help me with the romantic scenes in my writing, who knows? Maybe I’ll start writing romance, god forbid 😀 😀 It doesn’t really matter because it would be a new experience for me and as such, it will be exciting.

   I just finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s Before They Are Hanged and I just had to mention it with the relation of the April theme. In all romance/erotica books, every single romantic/sex scene is either adorably shy or perfectly sexual. But as we all know, sex and romance are never that. They are awkward,  funny, sexy(sometimes), and a hundred many things but rarely perfect. So back to the book – this is the first book in any genre I have read where the two sex scenes in the whole book were so painfully awkward (on purpose) that not only made me like the characters involved but they made me laugh out loud too. It was so well written and thought through that I can’t imagine anything topping it 😀 

    The second thing I plan to do more is to write. There is this thing called Camp Na(tional)No(vember)Wri(thing)Mo(nth) in April (similar to NaNoWriMo in November but on a smaller scale) and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to finish editing The Time Guardian: Chosen and start editing The Time Guardian: Betrayer. I’ve been dragging my feet for the past few months but hopefully, I’ll be able to reach my ass and kick myself.

   So follow my example – do something you’ve never done. Read a genre you haven’t read before (not necessarily one that you already know you dislike) or try a new hobby like cooking or knitting or painting. When was the last time you had free time to do as you like?  Or worse, when will be the next time you’ll have free time after the quarantine is lifted?

   Live your life to the fullest. Without leaving your home, that is. 😀 Do more and stay safe 🙂 <3

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