First steps [or the story of how I started talking to myself]

 I’ve always been a storyteller.

  Even before I learned to read and write – I was always the one to think of a game for all of the children in our neighborhood, the one making up action or horror stories to tell before our parents called us home.

  My passion for writing came to life in fifth grade during an English assignment where our teacher asked us to write an original story. So I did and it was about me and my classmates on a field trip where we stumbled upon some magical creatures, fought goblins, and crashed the bus. Unfortunately, I got a C in English but my teacher was so impressed by my idea that she asked me to write it in Bulgarian (my mother tongue) so she can understand it better.

  She was majorly impressed (by my imagination for my age, not my level of writing :D) and urged me to keep writing. So I did. I wrote seven more short stories about my classmates and me, and believe it or not but my classmates were super excited to read them, waiting impatiently for the next one to come out, eager to find out if they will be in and what will happen to them.

  That was the moment I knew, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. Write amazing stories and have people eager to read them. Ready to jump into the worlds I paint with my words and embark on a journey with their favorite characters.

  From then on I used that in my Harry Potter obsession and wrote over 7 full-length fan-fictions that were very popular at the time. So the urge to write kept growing.

  Slowly building my craft, I eventually decided that it’s time for something original.

  And here we are.

  I have been writing original stories for years now – three already finished and more than 15 in progress (I am terrible at staying focused on one, don’t judge me). I’ve switched to English some time ago even though it is not my mother tongue. I’ve studied it and used it so much in school, university, and work – that I feel more confident writing in it than in Bulgarian. Oh, and it gives me a much bigger audience so there is that. 

  I am also trying to translate my finished books to Bulgarian (again, note the irony in that) but it seems I never find the time. 

  So this is the short version of how I came to realize what my purpose, my calling in life was and I am passionately working to make it happen. I have an extremely supportive family and an amazing soulmate who also happens to be my editor too 😀 And with them backing me up – the sky is the limit.

  If you want to know more about me – feel free to contact me through the million options listed on the site. And don’t be shy – leave a comment and share your story of how you started writing!

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