2018 in Retrospect

      2018 was definitely a year full of emotions and roller-coasters for me. It had its up and downs, its great and not-so-great moments but there is no way in hell I am going to forget it.

   At the beginning of 2018, I started my blog – it is not anything big or glamorous but it is mine and I love it (hopefully you will too by the time you’re reading this). I re-designed it three times which was fun to do but I think I found my limit now and the current setup works magically.

   In the writing aspect, the year was rather slow at first. I lost my motivation and I went on a hiatus – with all of the arrangements around my wedding I was too emotionally exhausted to find the will to write. I still did, from time to time, but you know how hard it is to put words on paper and like them when all you want to do is sleep and not think? Yeah, thank god that is over 😀

    I still managed to write though, especially around NaNoWriMo. Thinking back I have finished two books, written 2 more up until 80-90%. That is well over 150,000 words for a slow year. I’m actually curious to see if this year will be better with the extra free time I will have on my hands.

   In September I got married to the most amazing husband in the world – funny, caring, and extremely supportive of my writing. Even more so than my own family sometimes. The wedding was amazing and we had so much fun that people talked about it for months. I couldn’t have asked for more. I am really lucky that way.

    I also got to travel to Greece for the summer, to France for the honeymoon and UK for the new year so that was awesome. It was worth taking the time off writing for sure.

   My biggest regret for the year was probably the fact that I didn’t pay enough attention to my blog or kept adding content as I planned to. I hope this would change this year but knowing myself there will probably be still periods of silence and then burst of activity 😀

   To end 2018 in a positive note I got pregnant making sure 2019 will surely be an eventful year as well. I’ll still get some free time before the little kicker is due to come and turn my world upside down but I suspect after August my writing days and sanity would be in limited quantities.

   Anyway, 2018 for sure was a full-time show with a lot of unexpected and inspiring turns. Let’s hope 2019 will be even more exciting and successful.

   What about your 2018? What did you do? What are your highlights(personal or professional) of the year?

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